The Higher Self is one particular dimension or band of frequency in the spiritual realm. The Higher Self has been frequently referenced in many spiritual traditions around the world. The Higher Self has also been called the Authentic Self, Full Potential Self, Divine Self, Fully Realized Self, Higher Mind and Whole Self. The particular name is not important. What is important are the qualities that the Higher Self expresses.

The Higher Self is a expression of one’s highest, most divine qualities of Love, Wisdom, and Power – functioning in alignment with the perfect non-egoic will of God.

The Higher Self experiences life from a perspective of Divine Perfection and sees no evil in any form of Life. The Higher Self experiences all forms and expressions of Life as one unified being which itself is part of. There are no experiences of separation and no judgments of condemnation in the dimension of the Higher Self.

A one hundred percent, continuous experience of the Higher Self is what all human beings are seeking. This is an experience of truly unconditional Love, an unlimited Wisdom that spans time and space, and a Self-contained fully expressed Power that is never imposed upon anyone else, but completely expressed in oneself.