Most channels or mediums enter a state of trance – conscious or unconscious – and open communication with a particular being or group of beings.  These beings are usually spiritual helpers for the channel or specific beings requested by the person receiving the channeling.  In these cases, since a particular being is channeled, the information communicated has with it the perspective and attitudes of the spirit being.  This biased communication has its pros and cons.  One such positive note is when a dearly departed loved one is channeled.  The personality of the departed being is still expressed to the audience – often satisfying the person receiving the channeling. However, a con of channeling particular beings is that their information or advice is restricted by that spirit’s own perspectives, which are a result of that spirit’s particular Soul (or human ego) experiences. Some people do desire to receive the comforting advice of a departed loved one or a particular spirit guide because it is familiar and more easily accepted.

However, this is not how I channel. I chose to channel the Higher Self – a non-biased field of Intelligence that presents information in a more purified, non-egoic manner.

As a conscious channel, I am fully aware of the energies passing through my physical body from the spirit realms into this earth realm.  I can feel the subtle difference between pure unconditional loving communication and self-motivated agenda-driven information.  I choose to not connect with limited personalities.  Instead I stay connected to the purer stream of limitless possibilities.  The energy of the Higher Self is much more refined and pure than personality-based spirit beings.
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