I offer many formats for a channelling session: in person, via telephone, on YouTube video, via Webcam, on video DVD or audio CD.

Prior to the channeling, I meditate in order to raise my vibration and make contact with the Higher Self.  This is done prior to your session.  So you will often see me in a state of deep relaxation and a bit aloof.  This is normal – as part of my being has unbound itself from the material earth plane and expanded to enter the dimension where communication with the Higher Self can occur.

We may begin your session by addressing current issues in your life that you are seeking clarification on – such as health, career, relationships, etc.  It is very helpful for you to inform me of your current condition related to such issues as I will be communicating on your behalf.  The more open and receptive you are, the clearer the channeled information will be.  As your channel and intermediary between you and the Higher Self I work for you to get what you seek.  I have no personal interest in your state of affairs.  It is my service to serve you.  When you are happy, we are all happier.