The experience of channeling is quite interesting.  After the initial mediation process whereby I detach from the material earth dimension and enter a higher spiritual dimension, I experience myself existing in two distinctly different locations.  My physical body is still sitting in the 3-dimension earth location, however my inner awareness is experiencing a completely different environment – complete with its own sights, sounds, feelings, and smells.  I am quite literally in two places at one.

In the earth dimension, I am able to listen to and even see my environment and the people in it.  Everything is the same as when I left it, except it is faded.  All of my earth senses are less powerful.  It is as if the 100% of me that is usually here in this earth dimension is now split 50/50 – the second half now experiencing a completely different dimension.

In this inner dimension, the sights and sounds can be just as intense as the earthly experiences.  However, for me, the feelings are always much more intense in the spirit realms.  This is largely due to the fact that more of my true self exists in the spiritual realms and I am able to consciously experience this greater part of me.  I have had this strong spiritual connection my entire life.  It is this spiritual connection which has led me to the work that I now perform – Channelling Higher Self.