I am so grateful for the gift you are offering. And it really changes my life. Watching your videos is the best thing I've ever done. The experience of what you talk about is directly transmitted into the core of my being.

You have become my most important teacher right now. The time I spent with your messages is the daily highlight in my life (which is anything but boring or unspiritual, I assure you!). The feedback I get from the people around me tell me that I am most rapidly changing. I may have been quite a loving being before. But you can tell the difference. Anybody can feel it. People are even more attracted, not by something external, but by what they feel comes from my soul.

And I love to open up more and more every second and give totally everything I have to give. My heart's desire is coming true like a miracle.

So thank you, thank you, thank you. You are the one I will request a personal session from when I feel that I need one. I do not usually take sessions from people because it rarely feels right. With you there is no doubt. It is pure, totally unselfish, without ego, full of love and guided by the Divine. We recognize truth when we meet it.