All of my questions were answered by the first "general" channeling. It was simply perfect for me. For me it was an experience as if I myself were talking to myself. I did not have the feeling that anything was "between" me and my Higher Self. You were my voice. I could feel this so deeply.

And I have also - not for the first time, but to a much larger extent - realized that I am talking to myself from my Higher Self all the time! Because the exact words you used I used yesterday and today. When I wrote an article, when I talked to a client. I even named a picture yesterday with the word "change"! I used the words movement, change, becoming free of fixed ideas to describe an astrological constellation I am going through.

So I AM telling myself this all the time. And I have been telling it to me again through you!

And this was so powerful because it made me realize that absolutely nothing is missing. Not one tiny bit. The message and its keys are invaluable to me, Lincoln. I will use them much more. And I will listen to your channeling again and again. So again, THANK YOU; THANK YOU; THANK YOU!