Welcome to Channelling Higher Self. Experience a form of channelling where the information and healing energy is pure and direct, full of Divine Love, Spiritual Truth, and Integrity.

Since 2007, I have offered personal guidance sessions where I channel the Higher Self Consciousness for you. This process gives you higher consciousness spiritual knowledge and powerful energy to help you on your spiritual life path.

Please click on the icons below to learn more about Higher Self channelling – which is very different than other forms of channelling. I connect with the Higher Self Consciousness, the field in which your personal Higher Self exists.


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When you feel all of life as God, what is there to do, what is there to change?  When you truly know that all of life is God, there is no desire to change, for you yourself are complete. Then a true miracle occurs, the seemingly small you, the seemingly incomplete you ……dissolves into God and your will becomes God’s will. You become a messenger of love, and all of your actions are guided by this Source.


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We can work together in many formats. All Higher Self channelling sessions are recorded on mp3 audio files and emailed to you following the session. Each session is 1 hour long.

Via Telephone – We schedule a telephone session, during which time I will channel Higher Self while you listen in. You can ask questions during the channelling session to guide the channel in the direction that best serves you.

Via Web Cam – Have a live video channelling session using your web cam with Skype or Zoom.

When you are ready to schedule your personal Higher Self channelling, contact me here.

Session Rates

For all Channelling Higher Self sessions, I request that a monetary donation be made using PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, credit card, money order, personal check or US dollars. The required minimum amount for a donation is $250.00 USD.

Video Portfolio

Welcome to my Channelling Higher Self Video Portfolio.

Watch and absorb all of the information and energy being channelled from Higher Self in the videos below.

These videos are channeling samples from my collection of recorded Higher Self Channeling sessions. To view the most recent Channelling Higher Self videos, visit my website www.channelhigherself.com.

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Begin to learn that you’re being influenced, controlled and manipulated by past ideas, by unconscious parts of yourself that are seeking fulfilment, and know that these unconscious parts of you – these unconscious thoughts and creations (actions) – do not need to be pushed away or judged. They only want to be united in love, your love as a conscious being.

A conscious being that wishes to experience all of life everywhere as one self, for only then will the unconditional and divine love flow from your heart in unlimited quantities and experiences and expressions. Love is this power.

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See and hear what people all over the world are saying about their own personal Higher Self Channelling session.

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Through our judging we are creating disharmony. Your mind seeks to know the “why’s”, yet we tell you that the answers in your mind will not satisfy the loss within your mental body.

Only the experience of oneness can quiet the thinking mind. For in the moment that you are connected and feeling complete – connected to the heart – your mind does not move, your mind does not think, your mind is at peace. Feel this. Stay in your heart and experience your quiet mind.

For when the darkness is darkest you have but one choice… surrender and be caught by God, embraced in love and peace.

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Please contact me to schedule your own personal Channelling Higher Self session.  I will reply with my schedule of available days and times. For donations or payments, use the Donate button at the top of the page under my photo.

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